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Servicing the Waikato region
Earthworks | Drainage | Equipment Hire | Bulk Cartage

Get the supplies you need on time with reliable bulk haulage from A1 Bobcats & Concrete

  • Reliable delivery options between quarries and worksites
  • A wide range of materials delivered
  • Modern fleet of machinery
Based in Cambridge and working across Waikato

From base sand to topsoil, our modern fleet transports bulk aggregate and material across the Waikato region

For over 20 years, A1 Bobcats & Concrete has worked with builders, civil companies and farmers across the North Island to transport aggregate material between the quarry and the worksite. 

Our delivery options include:

  • Delivering aggregate products to any work site
  • Delivering between multiple quarries
  • Backloading with products and removal
    • Replacing onsite materials with sand and metal
    • Removing spoil from the work site

    We can carry out just a part of your supply operation or manage the whole process for you. We can also supply earthworks equipment available for hire if you need diggers or machinery to carry out works, or and offer a range of earthworks and site preparation services including sand pad preparation.

    Book a quote with A1 Bobcats & Concrete for a smooth supply, delivery or removal of spoil from your work site or property.


    If you don't have the equipment to get your materials transported easily, work with A1 Bobcats & Concrete for reliable delivery , on time and at an affordable cost.
    • Material transportation for builders
    You may need to transport large amounts of sand, gravel, concrete, and other aggregates to the building site. We offer safe and efficient loading, transporting, and unloading to keep your project on schedule.

    All-purpose aggregates delivered on demand

    The A1 Bobcats & Concrete team supplies and and delivers a number of aggregates, streamlining your collection and delivery needs of:

    • Pitsand
    • Processed Sand
    • Peametal
    • Topsoil
    • Brown Rock
    • Road Metals

    We have good relationships with quarries across the North Island and will collect from and deliver to any location necessary for your job in order to keep your project moving.
    Book a quote and work with the professional A1 Bobcats & Concrete team on carting aggregates between your work site and selected quarry.

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