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Servicing the Waikato region
Earthworks | Drainage | Equipment Hire | Bulk Cartage

Trust the Waikato-based A1 Bobcats & Concrete team to install the right foundations for everything from a garden shed to a dream home

Laying solid building foundations is a vital part of any new structure, whether it's a garden shed or a new home. And the key to good foundations is getting the initial prep work right.

A1 Bobcats & Concrete's experienced earthmoving contractors can lay the groundwork for solid and stable foundations, including any demolition and site clearance that needs to be carried out first.
  1. Working from the plans, our team will excavate the area where the foundations are to be laid.
  2. Sand or rock is laid in the dug-out area and compacted to create the right base for the foundations. We'll test it to ensure everything is correct. 
  3. If required, we can add Geotech material. This material is placed in between layers of dirt or sand and then compacted, helping to stabilise the ground.
  4. We'll remove any excess soil or other materials from the site and either dispose of them or recycle them.

Ensure the longevity of your Waikato new build with high-quality sand pad installation

Similar to the process of laying foundations, laying a sand pad at a building site is a relatively straightforward, but essential, process. Our sandpads are completed with a sharpgrade laser screed for maximum accuracy, and reduces the time on site, saving you time and money. We have a 1.5 tonne roller which is used in conjunction with the bobcats and diggers to achieve maximum compaction vital for engineered floors.
  1. All vegetation on and around the area is removed prior to installation to ensure the sand pad and its surrounding area isn’t compromised by natural growths in the land.
  2. The new sand is laid and compacted to form a solid base.
  3. Before sign-off the sand pad is inspected to ensure it is stable and meets construction and earthquake safety standards. 
Book a quote with the A1 Bobcats & Concrete team to make a steady start on your new build with our professional sand pad installations. We can also offer bulk haulage to transport sand and other aggregate materials from quarries across the North Island.

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